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What disappointed me Evpatoria

When my wife and I were just about to move to the Crimea for permanent residence, we considered Evpatoria as one of the possible places of future residence. And then we went to this city and never returned to this idea. The other day in one of my flocks, I mentioned this and got a

Yakutsk: the bride of the Decembrist

Another chapter about how I lived and worked in Yakutsk in the late 80s. I did not stay long as a correspondent for the Youth of Yakutia newspaper. The laconic Valera Konkov, two months later, moved to the solid and strict republican newspaper Socialist Yakutia, and I was put in his place. I can’t say

Why I don’t feel sorry for pensioners at all

I didn’t know much about pensioners until I joined them myself. There was a time, looked at them with some pity. Here, they say, how unlucky people are, life has passed, there is nothing good ahead, sit on a bench at the entrance and envy the young … Do you think so too? Well, in

Cold spring 2021 in Crimea

We had breakfast in jackets. It’s cold again in the Crimea. But I don’t want to go into the house anymore, there is such beauty on the street, everything blooms and smells. At night it was expected to -2 on the soil. But it doesn’t seem to happen, all the plants are alive. In the

How I built a house in Crimea on a pension of 26 thousand rubles, for which I block readers, as well as about Kremlinbots and whiners

Today I will answer the questions of the most meticulous and corrosive readers. A week ago, I wrote an article here “ Why I don’t feel sorry for pensioners at all .” As of today, there are already more than 3 thousand comments. I can’t answer everything. Therefore, I chose the most popular and repetitive

There will be no apricots, figs are in question.

I’ll tell you what is ripening and bearing fruit in our Crimean garden today. The main disappointment is that there are no apricots. Not a single fruit set on our five-year-old tree. And we have been harvesting from it for three years. Neighbors down the street have a similar picture. I suppose that such a

What was Crimea like 6 years ago.

In the spring of 2015, we were still living in St. Petersburg, and I flew to the Crimea to meet with the seller of home ownership. April 9, 2015 arrived at Simferopol airport. How did I see Crimea then? Now I’ll tell you, I have preserved notes of those days and photographs too. Along the

Two years on Zen.

Today we have an important event — the birthday of our channel. We are two years old. This is great! Even cooler is that our channel has 65,000 subscribers. When my wife and I just started this project, we could not even imagine such a large number of subscribers and readers. After all, this is